flag [1] NOUN 1) an oblong piece of cloth that is raised on or attached to a pole and used as an emblem or marker. 2) a device or symbol resembling a flag, used as a marker. 3) a small paper badge given to people who donate to a charity appeal.
VERB (flagged, flagging) 1) mark for attention. 2) direct or alert by waving a flag or using hand signals. 3) (flag down) signal to (a driver) to stop.
fly the flag — Cf. ↑fly the flag
put the flags out — Cf. ↑put the flags out
ORIGIN perhaps from obsolete flag «drooping», of unknown origin.
flag [2] NOUN a flat rectangular or square stone slab, used for paving.
DERIVATIVES flagged adjective.
ORIGIN probably Scandinavian.
flag [3] NOUN a plant with long sword-shaped leaves, especially an iris.
ORIGIN of unknown origin.
flag [4] VERB (flagged, flagging) 1) become tired or less enthusiastic. 2) (flagging) becoming weaker or less dynamic.
ORIGIN related to obsolete flag «drooping».

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